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Living to Give

Aidan's Unplanned Journey to an Epic Life

What 7-year-old boy would expect that a plastic harmonica and $80 could catapult him into a lifetime of giving?


Since the age of four, Aidan has spent thousands of hours serving others. From wealthy CEO's to neighboring communities, Aidan encourages people to connect and give back.

Aidan still wakes up each day driven to truly connect with people. No matter their walk of life, he is interested in sharing his heart, his music and a helping hand where ever he can.


His life serves as an inspiration that all giving matters, no matter how big or small. One night, after collecting tips in his fedora, the 7-year-old Aidan made the choice to give back and it changed his life. It can change yours, too.

Creating Connection

Touch more lives and less screens

We must make the choice: our phones or our fellow humans.


We cannot do both.

Now is the time to make decisions about how we choose to connect - before it’s too late.

Aidan gives examples of his choices and sacrifices so others can see their way forward. It’s about kindness, connecting, and bravery.


Aidan shares tips on how we can implement kindness, humor, and, most of all, authenticity into our homes and work.

 "We had Aidan as one of our speakers and performers at TEDx Cincinnati and TEDx OnBoard in San Francisco for an elite Chinese tech contingency.
He was absolutely fantastic and not only that, he got a standing ovation at both talks. We have never had a speaker like him. He was a crowd favorite and we hope to host him again at one of our other events." 

- Jami Edelheit, Director TEDx Cincinnati and TEDxOnBoard

  • Honored by President George H.W. Bush with a Daily Point of Light award (2016)

  • Coretta Scott King A.N.G.E.L. award recipient (2015)

  • Hasbro Community Action Hero Award (2016)

  • Current Adopt-A-Block Co-Captain

  • Keynote speaker at Georgia Summit for the University of Georgia System (2017)

  • Main stage speaker at Leadercast with an audience of 125,000+ (2016)

  • Entertainer for Rally Foundation (2016)

  • 4-time TEDx speaker, including Main Stage at TEDx Cincinnati

  • Stanford University Speaker (2015)

  • Benediction speaker before audience of millions on King Holiday at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA (2015)

  • Keynote speaker for Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation (2014)

  • Anthony Robbins Global Youth Leadership Summit (2013)

  • Keynote for United Way 75th Anniversary (2013)

  • Keynote for Boys and Girls and Club of America (2016)

  • Speaker for FCA in Georgia 2015/2017

  • Philanthropic Keynote for Hardrock International Sales and Marketing Meeting

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