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To inspire people of all generations and economic backgrounds to share in the joy and necessity of giving, partnering with nonprofits, communities, and individuals to magnify the good they want to see in the world.


A world where the power of gratitude is unleashed, where the measure of generosity is not size but sacrifice, and where all children grow into giving adults through a lifelong culture of compassion.


AidanCares, inc.

Now in it's 11th year, Aidan Cares is an independent 501c3 created by a board of supporters that believe in this crucial mission. All donations are used for impacting youth and adults along their paths to give and serve partnering to do so with charities doing awesome stuff. 


What your support helps us do

Every dollar donated is used to recognize, validate and activate other givers through programs like our Youth Giving Initiative and our Kind Kid Campaign.


While we work with all ages and background, Aidan Cares is particularly passionate about showing kids from all economic backgrounds the incredible impact you can have through serving others.

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All donations to Aidan Cares are tax-deductible.

EIN: #82-2989524

Aidan Cares Inc.

Board of Directors

79 Rhodes Drive SE

Marietta, GA 30068

Meet the board


Clark Seydel, Secretary

Clark is focused on getting individuals out of homelessness in atlanta through his involvement in Georgia Works, the Covenant House and Soloman’s Temple.


Clark is involved in and admires Aidan Cares mission as he believes that the organization is able to communicate issues to youth trough powerful story telling and engagement.


Aidan takes real issues to those who have never before been exposed. It shatters children’s belief systems.

It is his pleasure to serve and walk out the vision as part of impacting the world.

Jim Anderson, CEO

"The giving of time, talent and treasure has always been, or maybe used to be, the fabric of our society.

It seems the more advanced we become, the less this is taught or aspired to. Likes, hearts, and retweets don't build self-esteem. The more smartphones I see, the less conversation I hear.

We need a shift in consciousness and Aidan's message shines a light on this issue. As a parent of two children, I am gratified to serve to help Aidan with this worthy effort."


Tom Sullivan, CFO

When asked why Tom is such an inspiration to them, Toren and Aidan said: “We’ve never seen Tom go a single day without giving back in some way.”


Tom works with countless charities, including Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and has been instrumental in helping Aidan Cares continue to inspire, mentor and activate givers everywhere.


Tom is a celebrated host and emcee for nonprofits and corporate events nationwide. His favorite gigs are the ones where Aidan is speaking and performing.

Aidan Cares in Action

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