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Sparking Giving in Savannah: Interview with SavannahNow

SavannahNow Live sat down with Aidan and Toren Anderson to talk about their partnership with Elë and the Chef Restaurant Group and the launch of their Youth Giving Initiative in Savannah.

All kids welcome

Kids of all ages and background! If you're in first grade, or if you about to graduate high school, there's absolutely space for you to get involved.

All gifts matter

The Youth Initiative is all about inspiring others to make giving a part of their everyday life. "Giving" is a verb. It's all about taking action, and all gifts have an impact. After all, AidanCares is all about reminding people that small acts of giving can be a part of their everyday life.

As Aidan says in the interview,

You don't have to start a foundation, you just have to be compassionate and care for others. It's about doing something. Period.

Watch the full interview:

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